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De Formule 1 Show

Olav Mol en Jack Plooij
Tue 10 Sep
  • Tue 10 Sep
    20:00 - 22:15
    Pauze 20:55
    Hertog Jan Zaal

For many true enthusiasts, a Formula 1 race is not much without the witty comments from Olav mol and Jack Plooij. 

The interest in Formula 1 has increased enormously since Max Verstappen was the first Dutchman to win the Grand Prix in 2016. Formula 1 is even now the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands in popularity. For many true enthusiasts, a Formula 1 competition is not very common without the catchy comments from Olav mol and Jack Plooij.
A larger expert than Mol in the field of Formula 1 does not exist. From history to obscure facts, Mol knows it all.

Now Mol and Plooij stand together in the theater with De Formule 1 Show to share their passion. There they give an exclusive look behind the scenes. Interesting facts, anecdotes, secrets of drivers, where the connoisseur, but also the layman can pick up his heart.

  • Olav Mol has been a commentator at the GPs since 1991 and in recent years at Ziggo Sport
  • Reporter Jack Plooij provides contributions from the pit lane and interviews drivers 
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