Watershed presenteert: Ben ontevreden!

Lekker een avondje literair klagen, met o.a. Arjen Lubach
Tue 29 Aug ’17 20:00 - 22:20
Tue 29 Aug ’17
20:00 - 22:20
  • Tue 29 Aug ’17
    20:00 - 22:20
    Pauze 20:55
    Hertog Jan Zaal
    Past event

Let’s face it – you gripe, nitpick, nag, moan, and whine and complain just as much as everyone else… with Facebook or Twitter as your favorite venting place. All the while, however, you feel you shouldn’t complain. But why shouldn’t we be dissatisfied? If no one ‘longed for something more’ (the definition of dissatisfaction), the fire would already be extinguished before it could ever be ignited.

Watershed is organizing a literary theater evening about the taboo of dissatisfaction – perfect for anyone who has ever been dissatisfied, or knows someone who has ever been dissatisfied. With the multi-talented Arjen Lubach, writers Erik Jan Harmens, Hans Bogaert, Lotte Lentes, Selin Kusçu, and Buddy Wakefield, and singer-songwriter David O'Dowda.

We gladly talk about our successes at parties, on social media, and during the Friday afternoon cocktail hour. But rarely does anyone share on Facebook that their prospects fell through, and that they didn’t measure up to the task. We prefer to keep our dissatisfaction hidden away, or speak about it anonymously. But why? Why do we no longer express our discontent openly and honestly with each other? Dissatisfaction is an intense form of involvement, and it is dynamic. And if everything does not have to result in success, then it allows for so much more. Writer and columnist Elfie Tromp leads this therapeutic gathering about failure, with lectures, interviews and live music.