Ondertussen in Stratum...

Michèle Rijzewijk
Wed 25 Apr ’18 - Sun 29 Apr ’18
Wed 25 Apr ’18
Sun 29 Apr ’18

During the 2017/18 season, theater maker Michèle Rijzewijk is continuing her Stratum theme. After Stratum Oma’s and the youth from Stratum Swag, she is working on Ondertussen in Stratum... once again with residents from the neighborhood. This time she isn’t deciding who she wants to work with, but rather is letting the neighborhood decide. What topics or issues do the Stratum residents want to deal with? What issues does the municipality of Eindhoven focus on? What does the data say? What characterizes Stratum? Reviewing all responses to her research in the neighborhood, Michèle wants to find out what the needs are.

  • Dutch spoken
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