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United Cowboys
Fri 19 Jan ’18 - Sat 20 Jan ’18
Fri 19 Jan ’18
Sat 20 Jan ’18

The Eindhoven dance/performance company United Cowboys has been around for twenty-five years. To celebrate that, they are taking over the Philipszaal for three days straight. Internationally successful shows Lust for Life and Burn will be featured. Ex-Cowboys will also be showing their work. A special performance will be presented for this anniversary occasion showcasing the new pioneers. If you don’t yet know the United Cowboys, this is your chance to get acquainted. Join in on the fun and determine your own pace and direction.

Join this 'Welcome Night' for internationals: 
Each year, Parktheater specially selects four captivating performances, shows that transcend language, and designates them 'International Nights'.
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Event Programme in Kameleon:
- 7:00 p.m. Live music (members of the international community, Mohsen & friends)
- 7:30 p.m. Welcome and introduction in English by members of PIP (Parktheater International Program) to United Cowboys
- 8:30 p.m. Performance – ‘We Want More’ by United Cowboys
- 22:30: Live music by Mohsen & Friends and meet up with artists

  • Concept by Maarten van der Put and Pauline Roelants
  • International - no speaking
  • Standing only
  • Price excl. service charges
  • Tip: Theaterdiner (extra) and/or Café-arrangement
  • To general information
  • Our ticketing staff gladly assists you: 040 - 211 11 22 or create a website account and order tickets (attention: in Dutch)