Het Zuidelijk Toneel & Parktheater
Tue 5 Sep ’17 - Wed 27 Sep ’17
Tue 5 Sep ’17
Wed 27 Sep ’17

Planned in honor of the retiring President-Director of Philips, fellow colleagues and associates have organized a fantastic party. And, you have been invited to raise a glass! Toasts are made to resounding successes, and the orchestra with its Philicorda plays in heavenly fashion. However, behind the scenes, all is not what it seems. Changes do not occur without a fight. The successor is eager to make his mark; the shareholders see smoke and are waiting in suspense. For where there is smoke, there is usually a fire... A sublime story about Philips, about Eindhoven, about you. An intimate glimpse into how events have transpired within Philips since the 80’s. Lampenmakers recounts the history of Philips with humor, clever dialogue, strong images and live music. Het Zuidelijk Toneel and the Parktheater come together to throw this theatrical party, performed exclusively in the Philipszaal, for which it will be used in a very unique way.

  • Script by Marcel Osterop. Directed by Roel Swanenberg
  • Starring Tijn Docter and Bart Klever, et al.
  • Premiere friday September 8
  • Your ticket is also valid for a free visit to the Philips Museum (in September 2017)
  • Dutch spoken
  • Price excl. service charges
  • Tip: Theaterdiner (extra) and/or Café-arrangement
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  • Our ticketing staff gladly assists you: 040 - 211 11 22 or create a website account and order tickets (attention: in Dutch)