The things that cannot be touched

Kònic thtr
Thu 1 Sep ’16 - Sat 3 Sep ’16
Thu 1 Sep ’16
Sat 3 Sep ’16

There are some things we cannot touch, yet they can touch us profoundly. The image of someone, a whisper, a movement initiated many miles away – they may all be so far, yet feel so close. This music and dance experiment explores the composition and possibilities of dance performances that are brought together through technology. A performer in Barcelona and a dancer in Eindhoven will be brought together via streaming for the audience to create an experience where time and space lose significance, where motion, music and images simultaneously entangle.

  • Concept and directed by: Rosa Sánchez
  • Choreografie: Victoria Macarte (Dance Eindhoven), Mar Medina (Dance Barcelona)
  • Dance: Rosa Sánchez
  • Live music: Alain Baumann
  • Live visuals: Alain Baumann & Adolf Alcañiz
  • I.a.w. Fabri-a-coats - Barcelona Art Factory
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  • Combi price see Ballet Flanders, Adrien M / Claire B or DON GNU
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