#Braincandies Large Live

Urban Dansdagen
Fri 5 May ’23 20:30
Fri 5 May ’23

#BRAINCANDIES LARGE LIVE is a social event where people from diverse backgrounds interact  in a playful way, sharing their opinions on important social issues.

Urban Culture has become a global cultural phenomenon with significant implications for the wider social context. During the Urban Dance Days, focus is on the social role that urban dance culture plays in the world. We invite inspiring people to share their stories with the public.

During our #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSIONS we challenge our participants to get a bit uncomfortable to reach the biggest degree of connection with the other people in the room. We have fun, we inspire each other, we talk about important societal topics, we share unconventional moments with new people. During the evening we have 5 programmed speakers that share a message about the theme of the evening, and 50 people in the audience that are encouraged to interact with each other by the means of different playful activities. During every session, one person from the audience also gets the possibility to improvise a talk on stage.

  • Afterwards there is an afterparty in the Theatercafé

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