Joris-Jan Bos

Now here, Now always

Nederlands Dans Theater
Tue 29 Nov ’22 20:00 - 22:02
A triptych with virtuosity and expression
Tue 29 Nov ’22
20:00 - 22:02
  • Tue 29 Nov ’22
    20:00 - 22:02
    Pauze 20:30
    Hertog Jan Zaal
    Past event

Now Here, Now Always is a triptych with works by Marco Goecke, Alexander Ekman, and Andrew Skeels, a new voice within the company of NTD 2 dancers.

Marco Goecke started work on The Big Crying in the fall of 2020, his most personal work shortly after the death of his father. The Big Crying is angular, pulsating and explosive to the music of Tori Amos. Nervous, trembling arm movements like fluttering butterfly wings capture the unfathomable emotion of mourning.

Canadian photographer Andrew Skeels, with a rich background in dance and research, is not tied to one movement style. He emphasizes collaboration and creates structures that are often formed by breaking points or collisions due to imbalance. Flowing partner and group work is often central, all of which is developed with masterly precision.

With Cacti, Alexander Ekman amusingly encourages the audience to think about modern dance as an art form. Sixteen dancers are trapped on huge tiles, as they run, fall, squirm and try to escape their invisible prisons, eventually with each acquiring a cactus. A cheerful parody of the greater excesses of dance.

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