Thu 23 Jun ’22 - Sun 26 Jun ’22
Juntos – together · a gathering
Thu 23 Jun ’22
Sun 26 Jun ’22

Meeting up, making something from nothing and living in the here and now. These are some of the characteristic cultural elements that Michèle Rijzewijk wanted to bring back with her to the Netherlands from her travels in Brazil. But how can you do those things here?

In a city where you walk your dog in the evenings and see not one single person in the streets? Where the bus departs at 09.56. Sharp! Where appointment books beat spontaneity every time. And where you have to cycle in the rain wearing your high heels.

In the latest show from Mies-en-Scène, Latinos living in Eindhoven share their personal stories with you, ranging from political statements to an ode to the Dutch male. A joyous mixture of stories, images, music and dance – you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Latin America. The whole thing disappears as suddenly as it appeared. So make sure you don’t miss Juntos!

  • Location: VDMA-terrein, Vestdijk 31T, Eindhoven
  • Doors open: 8 pm