Rufus Hegeman

Pippi Powerrrrr

Het Laagland
Sun 12 Mar ’23 15:00 - 16:15
An adventurous investigation into being true to yourself
Sun 12 Mar ’23
15:00 - 16:15

Do you dare to be yourself and show who you truly are? Even if others have a multitude of opinions about it? Pippi Powerrrrr lets you get as close to yourself as possible.

On a wonderfully chaotic theater floor, the uncategorized Pippi makes way for a colorful club of actresses: from expressive to shy, from obstinate to accommodating. Together they go on a journey of discovery to everyone's own powerrrrr while playing, singing and dancing. A modern adventurous ode to being true to oneself, in the spirit of the world famous Pippi Longstocking. Energetic theater for boys and girls.

“De grote kracht van ‘Pippi Powerrrrr’ zit hem in de energie en verbeeldingskracht van de individuele scènes, die het sterkst zijn als ze enige kwetsbaarheid toelaten.”