M de Gruyter

Erik of het klein insectenboek

HNTjong i.s.m. SSBU
Fri 3 Mar ’23 19:00
A visual and musical family performance
Fri 3 Mar ’23

This road-movie performance full of music, dance and a great cast is a remixed version of Godfried Bomans' classic children's book. A must-see for the whole family, whose eyes and ears are lacking.

Erik Pinksterblom is an imaginative boy who longs for something special. He shrinks to the size of a fly and ends up in the Wolleweide city park where he experiences bizarre adventures. He discovers that, in this wonderful world, insects look suspiciously like people. Erik meets posh wasps, dances with the hip-hop bumblebee, and sleeps in a snail Airbnb. Gradually, Erik increasingly discovers that the insects are having great difficulty surviving. There is waste everywhere, and people are spraying pesticides. Can Erik save himself and the insects from these big problems?


Director Noël Fischer Script Jibbe Willems Cast Hein van der Heijden, Billy de Walle, Esther Scheldwacht and others