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Maas Theater en Dans | 155 (eenvijfvijf)
Fri 4 Nov ’22 20:30
Rayen has been part of Comedytrain for years and has had success abroad; he has now performed in 18 different countries. Partly due to this success, he was asked as one of three Dutch comedians to record his own Netflix special in Comedians of the World. Rayen is also regularly asked to join TV programs such as M. and Jinek and radio programs such as Gijs 2.0. and De Nieuws BV.
Fri 4 Nov ’22

Rotten knees, empty pockets, sketchy friends, aging, coercive algorithms. Are we trying to take back control or are we letting it slip away?

The men of breakdance collective 155 (one five five) are friends who grew up together. They are now all around 30 and are faced with the choice: get a grip on life, or remain carefree boys? The men navigate a moving floor and the feeling that they are not 'in control', and therefore answer the questions: who do you want to be, and how do you want to exist in this world?

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