Anne, 12 jaar, wordt een groot succes

Wildpark | Anne van der Steen
Thu 27 Oct ’22 - Sun 30 Oct ’22
An entertaining and interactive show
Thu 27 Oct ’22
Sun 30 Oct ’22

Anne wants to be a resounding success. But how can you appear prettier, older, tougher and smarter than you are? What attitude should you adopt? Or should you just be yourself? What exactly is being yourself? And don't we all just do that?

Just like Alice in Wonderland, Anne takes you on an experiment with all the diversity she has in this interactive performance full of fun and fantasy. She lists all possible Annes, including the ugly ones, in the hope that she will find the Anne the audience loves. Or will find who she actually is.

  • Excludes beverage
  • age 9+


Acting & concept Anne van der Steen Director Annemiek Nienhuis Script Marcel Roelfsema