Kamerich & Budwilowitz


Maas Theater en Dans
Sun 16 Oct ’22 11:00 and 13:30
A toddler musical about childish big men
Sun 16 Oct ’22
11:00 and 13:30

What do a toddler and an average world leader have in common? Would a president throw a tantrum at the grocery store or scream until he gets what he wants? If you squint through your eyelashes, you can hardly tell the difference. Except that one has the say and the other has to do what is said.

Two world leaders meet in no man's land. A culture clash at duplicate level, because what the farmer doesn't know, he won't eat. What follows is an awkward encounter between two childish but powerful adults who gradually get used to each other. BullyBully is a West Side Story toddler musical about friendship and 'the unknown'. With two players, lots of songs, funny arguing, abundant clamor and a happy ending.