Gordon Meuleman


Het Nationale Theater
Exclusief in het Parktheater
Wed 7 Jun ’23 - Sat 10 Jun ’23
A green comedy with a black edge
Wed 7 Jun ’23
Sat 10 Jun ’23

In a small community surrounded by greenery, the peace and quiet is rudely disrupted when the local recreational lake is designated as a destination for climate-neutral water homes.

The floating residential area was developed by the successful tech entrepreneur Hugo (Joris Smit). During an informal discussion at the town hall, led by the councilman for sustainability Diewertje (Esther Scheldwacht), it appears that the local residents, led by the flex-working cable engineer Ferry (Mark Rietman), do not like Hugo's good intentions. A fierce struggle for national and personal preservation ensues. But when it turns out that Hugo and Ferry's lives are more connected than either expected, the battle takes a fatal turn.

At the request of director Eric de Vroedt, Laagland was written by Nathan Vecht (Onze straat, Het jaar van Fortuyn). The story is about the ever-rising tension between the anywheres and the somewheres: the highly educated cosmopolitans who feel at home anywhere versus the people who are rooted in their local community and the land on which they live. The central theme is the growing inequality in society.

  • Exclusively in the Parktheater


Script Nathan Vecht Directed by Eric de Vroedt Cast Joris Smit, Mark Rietman, Betty Schuurman, Bram Coopmans and others.