Sjoerd Derine

Second Life

SHIFFT | Jasper van Luijk
Fri 19 May ’23 20:30
Fri 19 May ’23
  • Fri 19 May ’23
    Natlab Eindhoven
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The penetrating love duet Second Life is inspired by the famous choreography Live (1979) by Hans van Manen. Forty years later, choreographer Jasper van Luijk opts for a new perspective.

Jasper van Luijk places the loving couple in the middle of a compelling force field of image, sound and choreography. The arrival of a cameraman changes the dynamics between the dancers on stage. Registering their movement sets in motion a chain of reactions and takes the audience along in a parallel narration on screen. The dancers get involved in a search for a foothold and identity in which their love makes way for egocentrism. They both dance the roles of their lives, but when the curtain falls there is no turning back.

Van Luijk treads at the intersection of stage and film and captures a contemporary choreography in an intriguing way. From what perspective does the public view the role of the cameraman? And how do the dancers relate to each other as their relationship transforms? Is it a dance performance or a film?