Cherish Menzo | Frascati Producties
Tue 28 Mar ’23 20:30
Tue 28 Mar ’23
  • Tue 28 Mar ’23
    Natlab Eindhoven
    Past event

The way we look at our own bodies and that of others is guided by our stories, political ideas, prejudices and history. In the dance duet Darkmatter, dancers Cherish Menzo and Camilo Mejía Cortés, supported by a ten-member Distorted Rap Choir, look for ways to detach their bodies from that imposed perception.

With her powerful dance language, Cherish Menzo creates a utopian free space that dissects, alienates and comments on entrenched stereotypes, driven by imagination and fantasy. Inspiration comes from post-humanism, which transcends the physical, and afro-futurism, which looks at science fiction, technology and fantasy from an African or black perspective and does not play a role in centuries of colonial and cultural dominance.

The ten-member choir, composed of local performers, accompanies Menzo and Cortés on stage and accompanies them with rap anthems. This ensures that a different group dynamic is created in each performance locale, with new relationships and stories that connect the local but also the universal.