Koen Broos

True Copy

Thu 26 Jan ’23 20:30
Thu 26 Jan ’23

On May 6, 1994, the gendarmes invaded the French estate of Geert Jan Jansen. They came across more than 1600 works by masters such as Picasso, Dalí, Appel, Matisse and Hockney. Remarkable detail: the majority appeared to have been painted by a Dutchman…

Geert Jan has been conning the art world for more than twenty years. He does this so convincingly that artists such as Picasso and Appel unsuspectingly issue certificates of authenticity for work he has created. He says about himself: 'I am not a con man; I am a reliever. I think I've taken quite a bit of work off their hands."

Today, there are still works in museums all over the world that no one suspects actually came from Geert Jan. It was a spelling error in a certificate he issued for a work 'in the style of' Chagall that eventually exposed him.

In True Copy, BERLIN shows the internal radar of a complex man, which serves as a manual for exposing the hypocrisy within the art world. What value does the truth still have? Isn't it sometimes more refreshing to go along with a beautifully designed lie?