Annaleen Louwes en Esther Noyons

Geschiedenis van Geweld

Toneelschuur Producties | Abdel Daoudi, Eelco Smits
Fri 2 Dec ’22 20:30
Fri 2 Dec ’22
  • Fri 2 Dec ’22
    Natlab Eindhoven
    Past event

Abdel Daoudi directs the stage adaptation of Geschiedenis van Geweld, the second autobiographical novel by star author Édouard Louis. It is the first time that Geschiedenis van Geweld has been staged in the Netherlands.

Édouard meets Reda on Christmas Eve. They talk, flirt and eventually spend the night together in Édouard's apartment. Reda talks about his childhood, about his father who had to flee and the violence he had to deal with. The next morning, Reda pulls out a gun and rapes Édouard. The reactions to the dramatic incident expose the racism, homophobia and obscure power structures that are deeply rooted in our society.