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Martijn Crins
Fri 4 Nov ’22 20:30
A colorful succession of skits, songs and stories
Fri 4 Nov ’22

Mesthoop is not a well-rounded story, but an energetic search for the answer to that one question: how should life actually be?

Martijn Crins throws himself into the dung of life with pleasure. In Mesthoop, he sings, acts, narrates and play-acts about growing up in a Limburg village and feeling lost in the big city. From party area Ripupulo, Alfons de Moppenman, and the liberation of a bear to an ode to the anus. Everything will pass.

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About Martijn Crins

Martijn Crins won the jury and audience prize at the Cameretten Festival 2009 but continued his path as an actor and musician. That's how he went out into the world. Through theater, film, music, football canteens, the necessary bars, nature reserves and states of mind, he is now back as a comedian.

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