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Marleen Hendrickx
Thu 3 Nov ’22 20:30
A strong and vulnerable story about gender and sexuality
Thu 3 Nov ’22

XX chromosomes make up a female. XY chromosomes make up a man. When I asked if there was something in between, the teacher said: “No, it doesn't exist”. What if you don't exist?

"It's better if you don't tell anyone what you have." Slowly, a growing secret festered in Marleen's head. How does it feel when you can't be what you are? And what happens if, after years of silence, you suddenly start talking?

In the Netherlands, there are 190,000 intersex people, in Belgium 125,000. All persons who are born with a body that does not meet the normative definition of man or woman. Theater maker Marleen Hendrickx, an intersex herself, breaks through that silence with her performance. She takes you into a reconstruction of her childhood. A personal story about growing up without really knowing who you are.

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