The Incredible Shrinking Man

Arne Hendriks, Club Gewalt
Fri 21 Oct ’22 20:30
Fri 21 Oct ’22
  • Fri 21 Oct ’22
    Natlab Eindhoven
    Past event

The Incredible Shrinking Man is artistic, speculative research by artist and researcher Arne Hendriks into the possibilities of creating a human who is only 50 centimeters so that he fits better on the earth.

Hendriks shares his unique vision and knowledge about shrinkage. Together with actress Isil Vos, he makes the public aware of the dilemmas, ambiguity and challenges that shrinkage entails.

Hendriks is on stage with Club Gewalt, recently named 'The Best of European Theater' by the New York Times. Based on Hendrik's research, Club Gewalt created a performance band: Mini Miss Miraculous (MMM). MMM is an oracle from the future who preaches the shrinking gospel: the human body must shrink to 50 centimeters to save the earth from future destruction. With hypnotic hyper-pop songs and enchanting choreographies, MMM fuels the audience's desire for degrowth.