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Grof Geschud
Fri 21 Oct ’22 20:30
The relationship didn't last, but the duo did. At least for now
Fri 21 Oct ’22

Witness a hilarious and moving attempt by two ex-lovers to rid themselves of the crushing fear of being abandoned. An attempt that gets a thousand images in stories, numbers and scenes, with imagination as the last lifeline.

At a gate at Zaventem airport, a man (De Lander) is waiting expectantly for his great love, or at least the image of his great love (De Myrthe), after being separated from her for six weeks. In one glance, he sees that her rejection was final. Her heart breaks at the sight of his pain and she stays with him for 732 days with shards in her chest. Broeden is a realistic account of a relationship that is on the rocks. Like an adopted dog that neither of them wants to part with.

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''Broeden brengt de vele facetten van de liefde haarscherp in beeld, juist door het perspectief van de voorbije relatie te kiezen. ''

De Groene Amsterdammer

Under the skillful guidance of Minou Bosua (de Bloeiende Maagden/Minoux) and Janne Desmet (Studio Orka) and with coaching from Raf Walschaerts (Kommil Foo), the very young Grof Geschud truly excels.

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