Wart Kamps
Fri 19 May ’23 20:30
An absurdist, touching, hilarious and musical cabaret program
Fri 19 May ’23

Wart's life is a series of awkward moments.

An anonymous date turns out to be a terrible ex. During a pleasant conversation at a party, the other person is already looking over Wart's shoulder to see if there is a more interesting prospect in the vicinity. And then there remains that eternal doubt of whether or not he should greet a complete stranger who is wearing exactly the same coat as his. Fortunately, Wart has come up with a solution for himself, and he has mastered it: fighting discomfort with even more discomfort. Only then can you see how people really are. Pretty embarrassing.

An absurdist, touching, hilarious and musical cabaret program about life as a human being between, with, without, thanks to, or despite other people. With songs and maybe a crazy dance here and there, because it has to remain showbiz. This time, he even brings a hopeful message (which is also new for Wart).


With Wart Kamps Piano Charlie Bo Meijering Directed by Bart van den Donker