Dat doet ze anders nooit

Lenette van Dongen
Thu 11 May ’23 20:00
It doesn't get any more raw and honest
Thu 11 May ’23
  • Thu 11 May ’23
    Hertog Jan Zaal
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After the liberating color explosion of the Paradijskleier show, Lenette goes one step further in her new show in search of total freedom.

Who else could I be... Is there anything else possible than that well-trained woman who neatly colors within the social lines? Like no other, Lenette van Dongen can provide a hilarious account of her attempts to free herself from her inner Finnik with her masterly self-mockery. Better to regret what’s done than regret what’s never done. Not a bucket list but a fukkit list. Do you not even dare? Then just do it!