Dave van Hout


Marlon Kicken
Thu 4 May ’23 20:30
To drive you crazy... or go crazy with pleasure
Thu 4 May ’23

Not just Marlon Kicken but better, more fun, more beautiful, sexier, cooler and still… just Marlon.

Marlon is sometimes completely lost. He must confess that honestly. Why? He has no idea. When will he pick up the thread again? Probably after the show. If you feel you've lost your mind after these hilarious 90 minutes, that's no problem. Then, you’ve had a nice evening... But if everything made sense... Please help Marlon!

Marlon Kicken is known for his superbly relaxed style and interaction with the audience. No room is too big or too small for this comedian who takes On every audience and delivers a great evening.