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Mission Molière

Het Zuidelijk Toneel | Sarah Moeremans
Wed 3 May ’23 20:30
Expect a sample card of laughter: from poisonous green to wonderfully liberating
Wed 3 May ’23

Do you ever suffer from morning mood? Do you sometimes hate everyone: politicians, fellow road users and the guests on de Slimste Mens? Jealous of a hermit hiding in the Alaskan forests?

Does this sound familiar? Then you are ready for this Mission Molière, a radical adaptation of the French comedy De Mensenhater. Three hundred and fifty years after the death of France's most famous playwright Molière, director Sarah Moeremans and writer Joachim Robbrecht are giving their vision on humor, hypocrisy and benevolence.

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Director Sarah Moeremans Script Joachim Robbrecht Cast Gillis Biesheuvel, Alicia Boedhoe, Joep van der Geest, and others

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