Michel Goessens


Kommil Foo
Fri 21 Apr ’23 20:30
Brand new performance by the Walschaerts brothers
Fri 21 Apr ’23

A house on a street. A woman on a chair. Waiting, listening intently, hoping for the wafer-thin sound of footsteps on the gravel. For years.

Raf and Mich wade through the dark swamps of their family’s past. They dig up the old hidden secrets. Grotesque, heartbreaking stories, sometimes bellowed at the beer-filled festive table, sometimes whispered in a corner of the kitchen, often kept silent out of shame. Kommil Foo has developed a unique way of making performances over the years. Emotion, hilarity, beautiful songs and absurd imagery fight for priority. They are performances about man and his everyday tragedy, in which the spectator is forced to the edge of his seat: laugh or cry? Grind.