Moojen ligjes in de lugt

Erik van Muiswinkel
Wed 12 Apr ’23 20:30
Don't mind the spelling. Enjoy the beauty!
Wed 12 Apr ’23
  • Wed 12 Apr ’23

Language belongs to everyone. Together with musicians Guus van Marwijk and Paul Remmelts, Erik van Muiswinkel puts you under a language shower that lasts one and a half hours, a shower where you emerge refreshed and purified.

Language does not only belong to virtuosos such as Drs P, Kees Torn, Jeroen van Merwijk or Johan Hoogeboom. Language also belongs to the six-year-old heroine who is just learning to read and write. And to Willem van Hanegem and to Geert Wilders and to Sifan Hassan. Language belongs to the Elsschot, Reve and Carmiggelt generations, as well as to De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Katinka Polderman and Erik van Muiswinkel himself. Language belongs to all of us.