Rio Staelens


WArd/waRD | Ann Van den Broek
Wed 1 Mar ’23 20:30 - 21:25
Like a tunnel without end
Wed 1 Mar ’23
20:30 - 21:25
  • Wed 1 Mar ’23
    20:30 - 21:25
    Past event

Resistance. Loss. Action. Stillness. A lonely battle. A pumping and continuous repetition without end. Movement becomes compulsive fighting to maintain control. Resisting the fleeting and transient. Bodies in resistance, bodies in surrender.

The subject is close to the heart of choreographer Ann van den Broek. In Ohm, her interpretation makes control and resistance tangible with compelling rhythms and unruly performers. The focus is on the idea of resistance. To get to the point, Ann strips her work of additional emotions. The urgent style retains the resistance and can be felt in the here and now. Like a tunnel without end. A committed and ultimately devastating sketch.

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