Bas de Brouwer

Saman Amini’s Integratieplan

Black Sheep Can Fly
Tue 8 Nov ’22 20:30
Saman Amini's first cabaret solo
Tue 8 Nov ’22

In a hilarious, intimate and at times painful way, Saman Amini explains how we interact with each other in this multicultural society.

Saman takes us on his journey to 'Dutch citizenship'. From his childhood in Tehran, his time after the refugee center in Brabant, until his study time at the Theater Academy in Maastricht. In Saman Amini's Integratieplan, Amin is looking for an answer to the recurring question: where is home, and when will I finally be fully integrated?


Concept, music, script and acting Saman Amini Director Geert Lageveen Musician and arrangements Martin Verheesen

Through his own foundation BLACK SHEEP CAN FLY, Saman Amini (1989, Iran) produces human and socially urgent stories with director and screenwriter Nima Mohaghegh that are underexposed in the theater, but are indeed part of our society.