Het gras hier is groener

Dunja Jocic
Wed 2 Nov ’22 20:30
A dance performance with Helmert Woudenberg and Abke Haring
Wed 2 Nov ’22

A penetrating dance performance about man's urge to live on forever. What does the future hold for those who pursue their desire for eternal life?

The dancers find themselves in an apparently carefree and peaceful world. But this idyll begins to show disturbing technological disruptions with the arrival of two remarkable figures: a woman who trades in immortality and an old man on the eve of death.

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Dancers Kalin Morrow, Thomas Higginson, Lukas Karvelisl, Lotte Leppers, Katarzyna Zakrzewska and Jeroen Janssen Actors Abke Haring, Helmert Woudenberg Choreography and direction Dunja Jocic Script Rik van den Bos Music and sound design Renger Koning

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