Nick van Ormondt

Assepoester De Musical

Van Hoorne Entertainment
Sat 22 Oct ’22 - Sun 23 Oct ’22
Family musical for young and old
Sat 22 Oct ’22
Sun 23 Oct ’22

Assepoester (Cinderella) De Musical brings to life the world-famous story about a girl who is exploited by her evil stepmother, but with the help of a fairy godmother, is given the chance to pursue her own dreams.

Assepoester is a sweet, charming girl who has grown up with her strict stepmother and dreams of a life of her own. She is forced to do all the work in the house, and her stepmother is never nice to her. At court, Prince Victorian decides to have a ball to find the girl of his dreams. All ladies from the village are invited, including Assepoester.

But unfortunately, her stepmother does not allow Assepoester to go to the ball, and she is left alone at home in tears. Then suddenly a good fairy appears. She changes Assepoester’s rags into a beautiful ball gown and gives her a pair of glass slippers. Now Assepoester can go to the ball! But the fairy warns: at the stroke of midnight, the spell will break and everything will return to the way it was. Can Assepoester manage to win the prince's heart before the stroke of midnight?

  • Excludes beverage


Cast Aimée de Pater, Kelvin Wormgoor, Stijn Mac Gillavry and others Directed by Bas Groeneberg