Juf Roos gaat op avontuur

Juf Roos
Sun 9 Oct ’22 14:00 and 16:00
Sing, participate and experience
Sun 9 Oct ’22
14:00 and 16:00

Juf roos komt terug naar het theater met een nieuwe theatershow. Zing, doe en beleef deze gezinsvoorstelling mee met Juf Roos en Gijs.

In this show, Juf Roos and Gijs are preparing for the national Windmill Day. The windmill has to be in great shape, but then... something bad happens to the it! Will Juf Roos and Gijs manage to get the windmill back in working order on time?

Millions of children have taken Juf Roos and Gijs into their hearts, and their program now has more than 120 million views on YouTube -- an unprecedented success in the Netherlands.

The children can sing and participate fully in the performance. Let your child make a beautiful drawing for Juf Roos. Take it with you and put it in the basket before the show. We will use the drawings in the performance!

  • Excludes beverage