Showcase 2022: Hand in hand

E.S.D.V. Footloose
Sun 5 Jun ’22 14:30 and 20:30
Sun 5 Jun ’22
14:30 and 20:30

What is the Showcase? The short answer is an amazing dance show containing choreographies of all kinds of different dance styles!

The longer answer is a show that can be seen as the 'endshow' of the dance year for all members of ESDV Footloose, the student dance association of Eindhoven. All choreographies in the show are performed by Footloose members of all experience levels, and moreover, all choreographies are also created by enthousiastic Footloose members and teachers themselves.

Theme – Hand in hand
When things go together, they go hand in hand. Like a stage and a performance, or a follower and a leader. For the members at Footloose, the Showcase goes hand in hand with a yearlong of dance classes.  It is a moment to show what we have learned, have created and are proud of. The experience brings the dancers closer to each other. After three years, we are happy to say that the Showcase is back!

As a dance association, we love nothing more than dancing together. It is what connects us and makes us part of a community. This community is where friendships grow and memories are made. At times when we weren’t able to dance together, it was a great loss. This feeling showed how much we love and appreciate dancing together. 

Dancing is inclusive and open to everyone. To dance hand in hand is to accept one another. In order to dance, you have to open up and show yourself. Even when you’re dancing alone, know that the people watching you are supporting you. You are connected to all dancers who share the same passion. 

Come and see different dance styles in one large performance together. This performance resemblances the saying: “Together we are strong.” Feel the energy that is created when a group of people dance together. It is sure to be a wonderful performance that will end, bowing hand in hand.

  • Ex. intermission drink