Wrap it up

Fair Trade Eindhoven
Tue 12 Apr ’22 - Wed 13 Apr ’22
Tue 12 Apr ’22
Wed 13 Apr ’22

Waste less, a fun challenge! More and more people want to bid farewell to a world in which there is unnecessary waste. Zero waste, nothing to waste…. How do you do that? You will discover this during a vibrant 'no waste show', in which Fair Trade Eindhoven reports along with various organizations about its journey around the world in search of good examples.

All over the world, everything is packaged: your lunch, gifts, luggage, groceries, and your orders via the Internet. That could probably be done in a smarter way, thought the NO WASTE working group of Fair Trade Eindhoven. So, they went on a journey of discovery and became inspired by the many special and often simple solutions. NO WASTE turns out to be an exciting and fun challenge, not only for yourself but even more so for the environment.

In this theater show, they want to inspire and challenge everyone to participate through music, dance and beautiful stories. Because no waste turns out to be fun too.

After the performance, there is plenty of opportunity to chat at one of the dialogue tables, to adopt good ideas, and to come up with new ones together with others. If you want to get creative yourself, you can participate in one of the workshops.

  • Good tips to prevent waste together can also be found at www.wereldwinkeleindhoven.nl
  • You can email your own suggestions to fairtrade.ehv@gmail.com.
  • Or visit the world shop Hoogstraat 275 Eindhoven (Tuesday to Saturday 12-17 h)