The New Continent

International Theatre Collective Eindhoven
Thu 23 Jun ’22 20:30 - 22:25
Het internationale theatergezelschap van Eindhoven
Thu 23 Jun ’22
20:30 - 22:25
  • Thu 23 Jun ’22
    20:30 - 22:25
    Pauze 21:20

Participants of Project Greenland leave for Greenland by ship. Looking for a fresh start in their lives, they leave unexpectedly quickly because a new pandemic is imminent. 

The ship is damaged and when the engine fails during a storm, the ship drops anchor. Where Gus threatens to polarize, Jane continues to doubt. Their love is tested. When they finally reach Greenland, Jane wonders: 'Can I continue with the man I love so much?'

The New Continent is a compelling and heartwarming play with music and movement, written and directed by Geert Niland. The performance is performed by twenty talented (inter)nationals from the Brainport region.

“I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong.” (Richard P. Feynman)

About International Theater Collective Eindhoven (ITCE)
ITCE originated from the internationalization program of the Parktheater with the aim of making internationals feel at home in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. The New Continent is being realized in collaboration with WONKA Podia and Tu/e, with the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, CultuurEindhoven and Kunstloc.



Script and direction Geert Niland Music Mohsen Mehrafouz Actors Armand Ilas, Beata Schrier, Charlie Marie Rijvers, Dana Wellens, Edith Gierasimik, Etem Özel, Gloria Primi, Marie Romano, Mariana Spijkers, Neema Gohari, Raja Bennabhaktula, Renske de Wolf, Sankalp Jain, Stephan van Mierlo, Alex Reefman, Georgios Skantzaris, Suzanne van Gorp