Mathijs Brussaard


Another Kind of Blue
Tue 14 Mar ’23 20:30 - 21:35
Tue 14 Mar ’23
20:30 - 21:35

Choreographer David Middendorp presents a surprising and exciting mix of modern dance and technology in his performance Wave.

In this program, he presents two brand new choreographies. In Frequentie & Frequentie², sand patterns, sound waves and repetitive dance figures play a fascinating game of movement. In the second work, Wereldleiders 2.0, he draws you into the dark fantasies of a politician through raw and animalistic movements. Also on the program are three of his most beloved dance pieces: Airman, Flyland in a room and Face Machine. With drones and life-sized animations, Middendorp allows the real and digital worlds to merge in spectacular images. And he playfully makes you think about how technology influences our lives and our world.