Maarten van der Put


United Cowboys
Vrije plaatskeuze (rij- en stoelnummers vervallen)
Thu 16 Jun ’22 - Fri 17 Jun ’22
The body as a reference for (r)evolution
Thu 16 Jun ’22
Fri 17 Jun ’22

United Cowboys has developed a complete work with RESHUFFLE THE DECK, consisting of various performances that appeal to all the senses and make use of the entire space.

For the public, it works as a living installation; use is made of the orchestra pit, the walkways, mobile stands, appearing and disappearing pieces of scenery while the audience walks around in this complete work of image, music and movement. You will then be guided through a series of intimate performances that make the human dimension tangible, stripped of technology and artificial additions.

In RESHUFFLE THE DECK, vulnerability is turned into strength. Both for the performer and for the spectator. It shows truthfulness and authenticity in balance with freedom, rebellion and shamelessness. The body forms the non-verbal connection in it; it brings us back to the essence, evokes a universal feeling, man as a supremely powerful, but at the same time, extremely vulnerable being. United Cowboys tempts you to get out of your head; the physical man and the observing man meet.

Co-created with and performed by an international United Cowboys cast of dancers, with contributions from guest makers who were previously involved in Seasoning (United Cowboys' international platform in the Art House at Kleine Berg 62 Eindhoven).


Concept and artistic direction Maarten van der Put, Pauline Roelants