De Grote Waarom Show

TG Winterberg
Sun 12 Jun ’22 15:00 - 15:55
For every curious person who thinks that 'because' is not a reason
Sun 12 Jun ’22
15:00 - 15:55
  • Sun 12 Jun ’22
    15:00 - 15:55
    Past event

Why are the clouds white?
Why don't I fall off the earth?
Why aren't all the answers already in my head?
Why do I even want to know this? Why am I here?

It is the question of questions. The question you can always keep asking. Because every answer contains another question. You can go on like this indefinitely. In De Grote Waarom Show, Tg. Winterberg, together with the audience and the puppets, experiments, scale models and stop motion, goes in search of answers.

De Grote Waarom Show is a visual ode to curiosity. It's okay not to know something, the search for answers is an exciting adventure that others can help you with. Because if you think you know everything, then you haven't asked enough questions.

Do you want to participate in De Grote Waarom Show? Write your own Why-question along with your name on a piece of paper and take it with you to the Parktheater. And who knows, your question may be drawn from the 'Pick-a-question-of-today-Box'.

  • by the makers of Meneertje Meer (Silver Cricket 2018 for most impressive youth production) and In de kelder staat een huis (Silver Cricket 2019 for most impressive stage performance)
  • excludes (intermission) beverage

About Tg. Winterberg
Tg. Winterberg is an idiosyncratic theater company that creates energetic, inventive and poetic performances full of powerful images and unbridled fantasy with puppets, objects and actors.