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Thu 9 Jun ’22 20:30
On the origins and limits of the norm
Thu 9 Jun ’22
  • Thu 9 Jun ’22
    Pand P Grote Zaal

It's your eyebrow that raises, the corner of your mouth that follows. It’s the position of your shoulders, the open palm of your hand. It's the glint in your eyes that reflects my soul in yours.

How do our relationships develop? Is it a natural process, deeply woven into our DNA? Is it a concrete agreement, signed on paper? Or is it a confluence of encounters, experiences and conversations that show us both to what extent we are connected? Whatever the nature of our relationship, mutual exchange is a huge part of it. But what if you don't speak the other person's language yet?

In KISHAN, Shailesh Bahoran explores the essence of the interpersonal experience by embarking on a journey into the relationship between himself, his non-verbal son Kishan (8), and the outside world. The role of a profound autism spectrum disorder is the starting point of a dance performance about the nature of a deep personal connection, the limits of social norms, and the necessary inner strength to continue to realize that someone can be who he is in his purest being.

I see you.

  • excludes (intermission) beverage

''Bahorans volstrekt eigen bewegingstaal voltrekt zich in een gestage flow die zelfs doorgaat als hij stil staat. Het is die flow die de toeschouwer meeneemt in een roes waar dans als vorm van communicatie tussen mensen een onweerstaanbare kracht krijgt. ''

Theaterkrant - Keuze van de criticus


Concept & Direction Shailesh Bahoran