Niet mijn apen, niet mijn circus

Wim Helsen
Wed 25 May ’22 - Thu 26 May ’22
The villainous language manipulator is back
Wed 25 May ’22
Thu 26 May ’22

With his absurd performances, comedian Wim Helsen is unabatedly popular. In recent years, the villainous language manipulator has become a big name in the cabaret circuit after receiving the Poelifinario for the most impressive cabaret program for two successive performances.

Now he is coming to the Parktheater with his latest show Niet mijn apen, niet mijn circus.

What does the world need? What does a person need? What do you need? Simple questions. Simple questions, asking for complicated answers. That's a good thing - Wim Helsen is full of radical, mysterious and random answers. He’s willing to share them with you - because he is your friend. Your honest, genuine, best friend.

Listen, he seems to be saying something: Niet mijn apen, niet mijn circus.

"Wim Helsen laat weer zien waarom hij de meester van het absurdisme is."

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