Hier zijn we koningen | Verzwegen Geschiedenis

HZT i.s.m. The Black Archives, De Correspondent
Dutch Happiness Week
Mon 21 Mar ’22 20:00 - 21:15
Necessary tutorial in world history
Mon 21 Mar ’22
20:00 - 21:15
  • Mon 21 Mar ’22
    20:00 - 21:15
    Past event

At school, you hardly learn anything at all about certain critical periods in Dutch history. But those stories shape our society: they explain how it was created and how we perceive each other.

Especially for Black History Month, Het Zuidelijk Toneel will present this special evening full of stories, spoken word and music. Karin Amatmoekrim wrote the stories for De Correspondent, and Lisette Ma Neza adapted them for theater. And Top Notch and The Black Archives also share a place at the wheel.

Expect a mix of stories, spoken word, hip hop and music. Delivered by actors and musicians from the likes of Top Notch, among others. They guide us through new moments of world history. Meet Cuffy, Demerara, Boven-Digoel, Sophie Redmond, Sojourner Truth and many more. All people or places in stories that tilt our perspective about identity, religion, gender or race. The common thread throughout history and this evening is the fear that occurs when we encounter the Other. When did that fear actually begin, and why do we make someone the Other?

A theatrical and musically eclectic evening that takes away the Western glasses with which we look at our world.

  • The Verzwegen Geschiedenis series will also be published in book form in February 2022. Top Notch will also produce a podcast series.
  • Excludes (intermission) beverage


Regie & muziek Ira Kip en Winston Bergwijn Idee, tekst en performance Lisette Ma Neza Performers Barbara Willemsen, Daniël Pando, Giovanni Pisas, Melvin Aroma, Revé Terborg en Rubiën Florens Vyent