Gordon Meuleman


Het Nationale Theater
Thu 17 Mar ’22 - Fri 18 Mar ’22
A dazzling and musical new Faust
Thu 17 Mar ’22
Fri 18 Mar ’22

The physician-scientist Faust comes to a painful conclusion that years of study have not delivered true knowledge about life and so decides to let go of everything in order to radically surrender to life – ‘live himself to death: that is the motto.

In the shadowy nightclub The Boogie Witch Kitchen, Faust not only runs into the mysterious Mafisto but also the studious Strauss, the innocent Greta and the classic Helena. During a dizzying night trip, events occur that cannot bear the light of day.
Will Faust eventually come closer to discovering the meaning of life?

Free adaptation by Tom Lanoye
Created especially for director Theu Boermans, the Flemish writer Tom Lanoye wrote a contemporary version of the 19th century classic by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. While following in Goethe’s path, Lanoye also seizes the freedom to cast out – ‘oust’ – the classic Faust and bring the world of now to the fore. With OustFaust, Theu Boermans says goodbye to Het Nationale Theater, with a grand interplay of scenery, music, dance and dialogue full of crackling contradictions.

"Romana Vrede en Mark Rietman schitteren in weldadig overdadige OustFaust.'' ★★★★

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Script Tom Lanoye Directed by Theu Boermans Cast Mark Rietman, Joris Smit, Romana Vrede and others.