De Grote Kunstshow

Bas Kosters, Lucas De Man
Fri 15 Apr ’22 - Sat 16 Apr ’22
The work of fashion artist Bas Kosters brought to life
Fri 15 Apr ’22
Sat 16 Apr ’22

Bas Kosters, one of the Netherlands' most idiosyncratic fashion artists, is central to this special edition of De Grote Kunstshow. His fashion, drawings, dolls, tapestries and other highlights from Koster's multidisciplinary oeuvre are brought to life theatrically in a one and a half hour viewing show.

With light, music, monologues, theatrics and interviews, the works are given a new dimension, and – above all – the stories that lie behind the works are told. Gender identity, beauty ideals, overconsumption, activism, vulnerability and eroticism are the fascinations of Bas Kosters – ideal ingredients for a stimulating art show.

The show is a unique opportunity for those who want to get to know Bas Kosters theatrically or who want to get to know the people and motives behind the works better. Afterwards, the show transitions seamlessly into an exhibition on stage, a chance to see Kosters' work up close once again.

De Grote Kunstshow
De Grote Kunstshow turns the classic museum model upside down. Rather than walk through white museum rooms, as a theater spectator, you are presented with art theatrically on stage. 'Fresh, attractive and innovative' wrote de Volkskrant about the first edition in 2013. The presentation is in the hands of the Flemish theater maker Lucas de Man, known for AVROTROS' Kunstuur. He involves the audience in the art show and stimulates them with unexpected ideas.

  • This performance is open seating (no fixed row and seat number)
  • Excludes (intermission) beverage

"Art in the theater is very different from in the museum."

de Volkskrant