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Op Sterk Water
Nationaal Theaterweekend
Sat 29 Jan ’22 20:00 - 21:05
The leading improvisational comedians in the Netherlands.
Sat 29 Jan ’22
20:00 - 21:05

Op Sterk Water guarantees an unparalleled evening full of hilarious improvisations. Musical, topical and razor sharp!

On this evening in the Parktheater, the men of Op Sterk Water will make everything better. Because there is much better to be made, from whatever perspective you look at it. With lightning-fast mind leaps, perfectly-timed jokes and virtuoso songs, they’ll add a golden lining to your reality. You don't have any problems? Don't worry, they'll fix that too! Because Op Sterk Water makes everything better.

Op Sterk Water features Tim Zeegers, Daniel Koopmans & Dave Luza and has been a household name in Dutch theaters for twenty years. They are the leading improvisational comedians in the Netherlands. From large tours with thematic performances to small school projects, Op Sterk Water masters all aspects of improvisation to enthrall every target group and audience member.

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