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Dit is het nou

Janneke de Bijl
Sat 12 Feb ’22 20:30
The absurdity of the struggling human
Sat 12 Feb ’22

In Dit is het nou, Janneke de Bijl is observing it again. She only has to look around her, or at herself in the mirror, and the absurdity of the struggling human presents itself again.

Like everyone else, Janneke may not have long to live. She doesn't want a child, no money fund and no house that reflects her personality (definitely not that). But then what? How do you set goals if you enjoy a weekend in Veluwe just as much as a month in Curaçao? 

Janneke describes what she sees, exposes its illogic, and dissects what needs to be dissected. And all that in Janneke style: melancholic, recognizable and laced with cool humor.

Janneke is a member of Comedytrain, won the Cameretten jury and audience award in 2017 and was named one of the comedy talents of 2019 by de Volkskrant.

From the press (about her previous show Zonder zin kan het ook)

This is negativity that makes you happy.” (De Volkskrant **** )
Sharp, sometimes villainous, and then again loving observations about herself and her environment” (De Volkskrant ****)
A promising debut.” (Telegraph ***1/2)
With self-mockery and engagement, Janneke de Bijl highlights the smallest encounters and thoughts.” (Parool)

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