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Het Zuidelijk Toneel | NTgent
Fri 11 Feb ’22 20:30
Funny performance about lust and love
Fri 11 Feb ’22

No taboo is shunned when three actors, in a relay race of different scenes, explore love in all its forms. The title Rijgen alludes to a famous classic about love and lust by Arthur Schnitzler.

Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's play, in which a portrait of sexual morality in the fin de siècle is portrayed over ten scenes, director Sarah Moeremans and writer Joachim Robbrecht shed light on the darkest corners of lust and love in our times. The result is a light-hearted comedy with a deeper meaning.

Actors Louis van der Waal, Ariane van Vliet and Peter Seynaeve immerse themselves in the world of suffering lovers and pleasure seekers. In addition, they do not shy away from taboos and forbidden forms of love. The loneliness of the zoophile who does it with his pony and the desires of the pedophile also find their place in a portrait of contemporary lust life. Brilliant acting propels this performance to great heights. Enjoy the zest for life on stage and the blush on your cheeks.

Actor Louis van der Waal received an Arlecchino nomination for his role in Rijgen. The jury: "With one glance towards the audience, he can make the observer laugh, and at the same time make the whisper of great sadness palpable."

From the press:

“The sincerity with which the makers have delved into the emotional life of a few things creates a receptive atmosphere which dispels prejudices. For that reason alone, 'Rijgen' can be called taboo-breaking.” (Trouw ★★★★ )

“Integrity sanctuary for repressed feelings and desires” (NRC ★★★★)

“In addition to a particularly funny piece (all credits to the fantastic actor trio Peter Seynaeve, Ariane Van Vliet and the Dutchman Louis van der Waal), also sage and human.” (Het Nieuwsblad ★★★★)

“Rijgen is a remarkably cheerful, light, sometimes even hilarious performance about lust and love” (de Volkskrant ★★★★)

  • With English surtitles

“This is what theater was invented for. Teetering along the edge of recognizability and taboo. Uncomfortable at times but mostly funny. Really funny."

Piet Menu, artistic director of Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Acting: Louis van der Waal, Ariane van Vliet, Peter Seynaeve Script Joachim Robbrecht Director Sarah Moeremans Coproduction Het Zuidelijk Toneel and NTGent

About Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Het Zuidelijk Toneel sets up theatrical encounters that inspire the public to look at the world differently. At Het Zuidelijk Toneel, you get to know yourself. In their performances and projects, you meet the world, you discover new insights, and you are surprised.

As a contemporary cartographer, Het Zuidelijk Toneel developed into a unique company: committed, innovative and always focused on the theme of the Other and the Otherness. Piet Menu is in charge as curator and initiator. Together with co-artistic director and director Sarah Moeremans and in collaboration with the best theater makers, HZT tells the stories the world needs to hear. In times when a world is doodling right through ingenuity and creativity, Het Zuidelijk Toneel showcases itself with performances and innovative projects. We offer people who are seeking them new perspectives by adding a portion of creativity to reality.  Starting in 2021, Het Zuidelijk Toneel will be working around a different theme every six months.

About Sarah Moeremans

Sarah Moeremans (1979) is a director, actor and designer. She followed the acting course at the Herman Teirlinck studio and the directing course at the Theater School in Amsterdam. Since her graduation, she has worked with various theater companies, regularly with writer Joachim Robbrecht. Starting in 2021, she will be the permanent maker and co-artistic director at Het Zuidelijk Toneel.

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