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Alida Dors | Theater Rotterdam
Wed 9 Feb ’22 20:30
About people, about us, about you in the tension of rebellion, anger and hope
Wed 9 Feb ’22
  • Wed 9 Feb ’22

How do you fight for a better world? Who or what are you fighting against? Who is friend and who is enemy? Are you really stronger together? In the dance performance Riot, choreographer and sociologist Alida Dors makes the unrest of the world tangible.

Riot is an exciting performance about people, about us, about you -- in the tension of rebellion, anger and hope. 

With the underlying feeling of an uprising, dance, spoken word, film and live music come together. We see nine dancers revolt. They need each other to keep going. Side-by-side they fight against the common enemy. But the face of the enemy is not one face. It changes color, system, gender and origin and leaves smoking fires all over the world. Black versus white, LGBTQ versus straight, poor versus rich and the West versus the rest. The veil of smoke continues to spread over the world and obstructs our view. Side-by-side shifts to forehead-against-forehead.

Do we really need each other to keep going? And how do you, as a human being, continue to hear your own voice in all of this? In Riot, we hear the whispering voice of the loner in the crowd. We listen to that lonely voice and watch the human being free his suppressed voice and begin to sing. Again and again.


Choreography & concept Alida Dors Rehearsal/Assistant choreographer Donna Chittick Dramaturgy Peggy Olislaegers Dancers Liza Panjoel, Fiona Dekkers, Cheroney Pelupessy, Jason Winter, Xander van den Corput and Perry Gits, and others Sound Design Simone Giacomine & Vernon Chatlein Production Theater Rotterdam & BackBone

About Alida Dors

The choreographies by Alida Dors (Amsterdam, 1977) are innovative with a characteristic hip-hop vocabulary, stripped of show and bravado. With her work, Alida creates adventurous interdisciplinary dance chronicles with influences from hip-hop and modern dance – socially and politically aware, urgent and relevant. The results are contemporary, committed and innovative performances that offer a deepening of urban culture.

Alida Dors has been the creative artistic director of Theater Rotterdam since April 2020, and is therefore part of the makers ensemble.

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