©Paul van Loon illustraties Hugo van Look

Dolfje Weerwolfje

Rick Engelkes Theaterproducties
Sun 6 Feb ’22 13:30 and 16:00
Sun 6 Feb ’22
13:30 and 16:00

Dolfje is an ordinary boy of almost seven. Well, nearly ordinary…

On the night before Dolfje's seventh birthday, something very unusual happens. Little Dolfje changes… In the chilly moonlight, his hands turn into small claws, two pointed ears grow on his head and he gets a white tail… Dolfje is a werewolf!

He will have to learn to live with the fact that, from now on, he will change into a werewolf during the time around a full moon. And that turns his whole life upside down! How will his best friend Timmie and his parents react? And who is that strange man who pops up everywhere all the time?

Dolfje Weerwolfje is an exciting musical for the whole family and is based on the successful children's book series by Paul van Loon.

  • excludes (intermission) beverage

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Featuring Bente van den Brand, Finn Poncin, Lotte Slinkert, Levi Vos, Anne Delien (alternate), Paul Disbergen (alternate) Dolfje: Karst Bongers, Mees Sidler, Sander Taleman, Noah Fontijn Timmie: Mex Vrolijks, Abel van der Valk, Fedde Wallenburg, Quan Wassens Noura: Anne Janssen, Kate Logtens, Nena Alvarez, Eva Franken Producer Rick Engelkes Theater Productions Director Jasper Verheugd